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Aisha began flower ‎arrangements as a hobby. Her family and friends loved her pieces and asked to ‎buy them. She originally invested 1,000 Shekels ($250) of her own money and began ‎creating arrangements and pieces for sale. Initial sales enabled her to expand slowly. At first her husband was worried that the business would hurt the family and would take too much of her time but Aisha knows how to manage her time and with this income she is able to help her family and not take away from it.


Aisha studied decorating techniques ‎online and created a technique of her own to decorate candles. She has a ‎real talent. She used her recent loan‎, the second non-bank loan she has received, to renovate and expand her shop. Aisha has been able to mail her products to customers outside of her area. ‎She is working on increasing her out of area sales and wants to begin working ‎through e-bay.‎

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