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KIEDF Programs & Services: General Overview


Small & Medium Business Loan Fund

These funds facilitate access to credit for business owners unable to secure bank financing by deploying assets as loan guarantees. Since 2010, KIEDF has concentrated its programs and resources on economic development in Israel's periphery, where the lack of credit availability on reasonable terms to SME's contributes significantly to the lack of employment opportunity, especially for the young generation.


Sawa - non-bank Microloans and Business Services

SAWA (together) started operating among Bedouin women in the Negev, using the group solidarity model developed by Nobel Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh. After overwhelming success in the south, the program expanded throughout the country and currently provides services to marginalized populations working to move out of poverty. KIEDF provides access to credit combined with business and technical services to low income, marginalized populations

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Ethiopian Israeli Business Fund

Due to numerous challenges the population faces, Ethiopian Israeli business owners lack the ability to attain credit for their business development and expansion. KIEDF has developed a special loan program, together with IFLA and in partnership with the Ministry pf Economy, based on the Sawa model, whereby micro and small businesses can receive loans up to ₪150,000 combined with business and technical services to expand their businesses and create jobs. 


Micro Credit Loan Fund

In 2003, KIEDF initiated the first micro-credit loan fund in Israel, with credit provided by Bank Hapoalim. The Fund provides security free loans (₪8,000 - ₪30,000) to low income entrepreneurs facing barriers to financing on reasonable terms.  As part of our services to scale up microenterprises, KIEDF is working to expand the credit limit to ₪100,000 enabling businesses to expand and grow. 

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Special Projects

Providing financial literacy and ‎business management trainings combined with access to credit for the development and expansion of ‎businesses among young Israeli women. The program enables young female Israelis to gain needed skills and tools to increase their ‎entrepreneurial knowledge and improve their business management. The program is taking place in Rahat, Beer Sheva, Haifa, Nazareth and surrounding areas.

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Social Business and NGO Loan Fund

In 2014 KIEDF opened two loan funds for social busiensses and non profits, one through Bank Leumi and the second through our non-bank revolving loan fund. Over NIS 15 million in loans have so far been facilitated.

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