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Special Projects

KIEDF launched the Microenterprise Initiative in 2006 to help low income, and unemployed populations create an independent income generating activity. As part of our ongoing business services, KIEDF provided training and consultation to populations needing crucial assistance. From 2016-2010, hundred of Israelis on the economic or geographic periphery, mainly women, were given the skills and tool to develop their microenterprise.  In 2010, KIEDF oberserved the demand for long term business trainings for potential entrepreneurs being mostly met through the expansion of training courses by  Israeli Small Business Associations and other NGOs. We turned our attention to developing those services still unavialble to marginalized populations.


Over the years we have implemented several unique programs, meeting needs in the field. One example includes the Young Entrepreneurs program developed with the Citi Foundation which focused on instilling needed skills for long term business management and growth.

This program focused on women aged 18-30 and included training in financial literacy; developing business management skills combined with individualized consulting; and access to credit The program took place in Rahat, Beer Sheva, Nazareth, Haifa and the surrounding areas.

Through our programs, we have reached thousands of women throughout the country. We focus upon maintaining current services, expanding to additional marginalized populations and introducing those services still needed in the field.

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