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Small and Medium Business Loan Fund

KIEDF addresses the major problems of small businesses in Israel - access to credit. We deploy philanthropic assets to leverage bank financing for these borrowers. Their major financing problem is the lack of collateral required by banks. 


KIEDF uses its assets as guarantees to provide an important portion of the securities needed to facilitate bank loans to small and medium-sized businesses (SME's) unable to obtain credit on reasonable terms and applies investment proceeds to cover a portion of loan losses and administrative overheads. Each philanthropic dollar leverages up to seventeen times the credit to qualified clients and revolves continuously to generate new program credit.


Since January 2016, Bank Leumi merged the Arab Israeli bank within the Leumi conglomerate. The former Olivestone-KIEDF Arab Israeli Business Fund is now part part of the SME Fund, enabling financing on reasonable terms to small and medium businesses in the Arab Israeli sector.


Through the SME Loan Fund, thousands of businesses are being sustained and expanded, jobs supported and the economy strengthened.

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