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Hardoor: Amos owned his own accounting firm with a steady set of clients. Then he began working with a struggling carpenter who was having problems running his business. This man had the skills and the vision to design but he was lacking in the business management ability.  Amos took the risk and together went into partnership to create Hardoor, wardrobe technology which has become the company creating new designs and systems within the field of closet door technology. Originally Amos invested in his partner's vision in research and for developing the line of closets with specialized design and movement capabilities.  They have created an entirely new wardrobe system, streamlining production costs and inventory.  Since its establishment, Hardoor has developed six patented technological innovations.


In the beginning, when Hardoor had just five employees, Amos took a loan and tgree years later when he had teh opportunity to expand, he took a second one.  Today Hardoor has grown to over 50 employees and has seven branches and include additional home styling and design services.  Amos explained that he came to KIEDF as a salvation for his business. He needs cash flow as orders come in and out. He cannot stop production or payments as the business cycle works, KIEDF made sure he did not have to.


Hardor, as the sole patent holder to their technology, has no field competitors.Their products can be found in Spain, The Czech Republic, Italy, and Germany.



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