American Friends of KIEDF
KIEDF's supporting 501c3 organization - San Francisco, USA
Ministry of the Eonomy
Partner in Sawa for Arab Israel women & The Ethiopian Israeli Business Fund
The Gilbert Foundation
Supporting SME and Microfinance Programs
Diane & Guilford Glazer
Supporting SME and Microfinance Programs
Whole Planet Foundation, supporting
Supporting Sawa non-bank revolving loan funds
Ted Arison Family Foundation
Supports microfinance services
Citi Foundation
Supported Entrepreneurship Program for Young Women
Providing support for non-bank revolving loan funds
Center for Inclusive Growth
Helping entrepreneurs during COVID-19
eBay Foundation
Supporting entreprenuers during COVID-19
Weinberg Foundation
Supported KIEDF's Microenterprise Initiative
Blaustein Philanthropic Group
Supporting SAWA non-bank revolving loan funds
The Andrea and Charles Bronfman
The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies Grants and long-term loan support for KIEDF's programs
Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) - Ma
Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) - Managing JAFI's Northern Israel small business initiative
UJIA of England - Supporting KIEDF's
Supporting Ethiopian Business revolving Loan Fund and past Northern Israel Initiatives
Jewish Community Foundation of LA
Supported SME and Microfinance programs
The Olivestone Trust - Supporting KI
Supported KIEDF's Israeli-Arab and SAWA Loan Programs
The Portland Trust - Supporting KIED
Supporting KIEDF's Initiative for the Negev and Gilboa & the Northern Israel and Social Investment Bank Initiatives
Keren Hayesod
Supported microenterprise business development
Providing suport from Israeli donors
Providing suport from Israeli donors for KIEDF's activities
Philnor Zug
Support for microfinance services
Supported Sawa for Arab Israeli women
Women's Amutot Initiative
Supports microfinance services for low income women
Jewish National Fund UK
Enabled support for KIEDF's Microenterprise Initiative
The K.E.F. Fund
The K.E.F. Fund was established by the Clore Israel Foundation, the Sacta-Rashi Foundation, and other foundations
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