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Interlab: Founded by teachers seeking high quality science models, Interlab manufacturers and sells educational equipment to schools worldwide.  Established in 2000, Interlab was founded by Amiram, a high school and university physics teacher, and his business partner, Samien.  The partners wanted to create educational models that were interactive and dynamic.  From 2000 until 2007 Interlab made few sales while developing their catalog of hundreds of products.  Interlab only sells and distributes products it conceives and manufactures.  All models and tools are designed by Interlab’s staff of teachers and cater to the unique needs of the Israeli student.  The company’s product line ranges from elementary to university level equipment.


Interlab now sells nationwide within Israel and has a growing number of international contracts.  Amiram believes that Interlab’s success can be attributed to both their research and development process as well as their understanding of Israeli students and their unique needs.  Further, Interlab provides 24-hour phone support if a teacher needs help using an Interlab product.


Owned and operated by a staff of eight, Interlab was established in 2009.  Interlab took a loan to support them through the economic crisis, which cut into their domestic and foreign contracts.  They currently work with over 1,000 schools across Israel. 


Amiram’s no longer teaches   and while he says he misses his students, he believes that his influence is significantly larger on the development of students through Interlab than in a single classroom. 



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