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Yossi worked in an optics factory for over a decade before deciding it was time to be his own boss.  He went into business together with his friendis friend and former co-worker, Gabi   Gabi had taken a KIEDF loan in the past for another business he owned so when Yossi needed funding, KIEDF was the obvious choice.  The initial investment was Yossi’s first challenge and without KIEDF, he would not have been able to secure the loan. “KIEDF is designed to support the manufacturing business,” he says.  “To start working you have to have funds. I came to KIEDF because they made my business plan a possibility…”


Optec manufactures optic elements for the security, medical, and aviation industries.  These parts are then used by Gabi’s business as components for larger products.


When Yossi opened Optec he had only two employees working around the clock when they opened. They have grown to dozens of employees and have become respected optics and turnkey company.

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