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Audio Center
Audio Center Hearing Aids Inc‎

Audio Center Hearing Aids Inc. had the opportunity to win a special tender from two of Israel’s leading health insurance providers. In order to gain this contract, Audio Center had to prove it had the capital to invest in hearing aid stock so customers would have minimal wait.


Audio Center takes hearing aid mechanisms developed in Europe, modifies them and inserts into a unit for fittings into patient’s ears. Audio Center’s professionalism and product quality earned them the contract but they did not have the needed cash on hand to invest in the expensive sock.


Through KIEDF, Audio Center was able to secure the needed credit and did indeed secure the exclusive contracts. Audio Center has since been able to open an additional branch close to the medical centers and expand employment. This business venture has moved Audio Center to a different level of business management and is providing a much needed service to the hearing impaired in northern Israel.


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