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Hidden within a business plaza, Foxcom is call center which rapidly expanded.  Halal, a lawyer by training, established the business in 2006 with a staff of ten employees. 


Foxcom’s first contract was selling services for Bezeq.  In 2009, the center began working for Pelephone.  In 2010, the center accepted an additional contract with another leading communications company, five times the size of previous contracts.


Halal found KIEDF through a reference from the Arab-Israeli Bank.  Given that the KIEDF terms gave five rather than two years to repay the loan, Halal felt that a KIEDF-guaranteed loan would provide him the support his new business needed without pressuring his decision making.  The loan allowed Halal to purchase equipment and expand to over 50 employees, today Foxcom employs over 150.


Foxcom employs women with a commitment to ensuring places of employment for  Arab-Israeli women in the region.  Providing these places of employment was part of Halal's motivation for opening the call center.  


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