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Rameh Dairy

In 1997 brothers Jeras and Jihad purchased the Rameh Dairy from a friend wanting to leave the industry. Prior to purchasing the factory, the brothers had no experience in dairy but had owned mini markets as a family business.  During the beginning of his business, the dairy had two employees and ran all aspects of milk and cheese production by hand.  For help the brothers went to food and production consultants who assisted in modernizing the dairy and increasing production capabilities.


Eventually Jeras and Jihad were able to increase production and raise the quality of their products.  To build their distribution network, they visited local groceries, inns, and restaurants.  Thanks to word of mouth, business steadily picked up.  In 2000 the brothers built a new factory featuring fully automated equipment. 


In 2009 Rameh Dairy needed to expand again but with no material guarantee the brothers were unable to qualify for a bank loan.  Turning instead to KIEDF, they were able to take the loan.  With the KIEDF guaranteed business loan, the brothers purchased two large holding tanks for milk.  Before the expansion and investment, the Dairy had one 900 liter tank. Today, the dairy requires 24,000 liters a day to produce their line of Arab cheese and milk products.


The dairy now employs dozens of people and works at capacity to fill the growing demand for their high quality cheeses. The brothers feel that their role has switched from being manufacturers to managers.  Having learned the dairy industry from the ground up, they now work to meet local and regional demand for their products.  The dairy ships to markets throughout Israel including Eilat, Ashdod, and Tel Aviv.  Eventually they hope to expand internationally and have their eye on the US market.  

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