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Pop Up Gallery & Store: Young entrepreneurs from the northern region joined together to create a holiday Pop Up Gallery & Store in Haifa in September. Participants from the Jewish and Arab sector organized a gallery showing of artistic pieces which included paintings, photographs and an interpretive dance performance, together with a store which sold participants' items. The store items included textiles, jewelry, clothing, pictures, children's educational books &supplies and graphic art stationary items. The gallery and store opened with a special evening celebration and continued throughout the week until the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. The project was coordinated and carried out by the participants under the guidance of KIEDF.


The Pop Up Gallery & Store afforded an excellent opportunity for the young entrepreneurs to learn of this tool and prepare such an event together from start to finish. They gained important pricing lessons, marketing tools, planning, networking and even benefited from strong sales throughout the week

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