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Hilat Cala - Bridal Salon

Hilat Cala - Radiant Bride is owned by Aviva, who immigrated from Ethiopia along with her family. Aviva designs the collections and employs seamstresses, makeup artists, hair dressers and makes sure everything a bride needs can be found at Hilat Cala.


Aviva went through many challenges to learn design and create her business. At first she opened a small store with help from her siblings. She took part in training programs offered to the community and continued to grow and needed to move to a new location. After receiving her KIEDF, Aviva moved her business t a new, larger location which allows the different bridal services. Without this loan fund, Aviva could not raise the funds needed for this investment, fortunately her loan came in time before the intense wedding period of 2018. Aviva continues to develop her business and we look forward to seeing each new bride in the coming years.

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